How to use CodaviA simple description on how to make use of Codavi

The steps below explains how to use Codavi. We also have a video at the end of the page which gives a details explanation on how to use Codavi.

STEP 1: Install your plugin for Codavi
  • Download the necessary plugins for your IDE. The list of plugins is available here.
  • In your IDE, install the downloaded plugin.
  • If you are using netbeans you can add the downloaded plugin through the menu: tools > select plugins.
  • Restart your IDE.
STEP 2: Register/Login on Codavi website
  • Go to the Codavi website and register on the website.
  • If you are already registered, just login.
STEP 3: Add a project
  • Go to the menu 'Projects+ > Add Project'.
  • Enter the required details and click on Add.
STEP 4: Add a comment
  • Back in your IDE, when you right click - you will notice a new option 'Add Comment'.
  • Select the option 'Add Comment'.
  • Enter your comment (text or attachment) and save it.
  • The combo box enables you to select the project in which you want to add comment.
  • After adding your comment, a link will appear on your editor.
  • You can now view your comment by clicking on the link.
STEP 5: Modify a comment
  • You can modify your comments in either your IDE or the codavi platform.
  • To modify a comment in your IDE, go to the link and click on the edit button.
  • After editing your comment, click on save to update your comment.
STEP 6: Add an image to your comment?
  • Edit the comment and go to the attachment section and upload your image.
  • Click on save to update the comment.

The video below explains how to use Codavi

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