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A product of Codevigor Ltd

Codavi is a product of Codevigor Ltd. Founded in August 2014, Codevigor Ltd is a Mauritian startup which specialises in the creation of custom innovative software. Our goal is to help its clients achieve higher productivity at lower cost in various sectors through our IT solutions.

Person behind Codavi


 Suyash Sumaroo

 Founder & Developer

 Suyash Sumaroo has worked as a software engineer for 8 years in various technologies including PHP, Java and mobile computing, after  having completed his studies in Information Systems and Mobile Computing and Communications.

How It All Began

Having worked in the software development industry for more than 8 years, in some major projects, I have come to realise that there is a lot that needs to be done to improve software development. One of the aspects of software development concerns code commenting. This is a very underestimated way of managing codes. This is how Codavi was born. I saw that code commenting could be enhanced.

History of Comments

Technical documentation (also simply known as code comments) has changed very little in about 60 years of programming (when FORTRAN was created in 1955). The most advanced features that have been added are markup languages to create different types of contents. However, from the inception of code documentation, its use have been sparse although most of the programming community acknowledge its importance. There are various reasons for this state of things, one of them being that most programmers consider it a waste of time, and partly rightly so. There are various other reasons, good or bad, which makes that writing comments or documentation is averted. This can sometimes cause a lot of problems, ranging from decreased readability of source code to maintenance problems.

Moreover, traditional comments as documentation is very limited. Nowadays, most software are developed in teams, and as such, there is usually more than one person working on a specific problem, and the design and implementation of certain codes flow directly from discussions, meetings and brainstorming sessions. There is no easy way to add all this information in traditional comments, except from writing everything that has been said in the sessions.


Codavi will provide a documentation platform whereby all the above-mentioned problems will be addressed and more features can be added which could until now, not be used in comments. Comments will be stored separately from source code and only a url or tag in the source code will provide a link to the actual contents of the comments. The comments will be stored in the cloud and be accessed by any browser or system which can use its API.

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